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Carolyn Abate

Experienced editor with a successful track record of developing health and wellness content. Strong project managements skills; exceptionally practiced at working closely with cross-functional teams - writers, designers, expert reviewers and copy editors - in a deadline driven environment. Skilled at using SEO best practices to produce well-researched and evidence-based content that delivers on revenue goals.



Here’s What Happens When You Combine a Day Care and a Nursing Home

Around the world, more centers are bringing together seniors and toddlers. Every midmorning, teachers at the ONEgeneration child care facility get ready for their daily visitors. The people dropping by aren’t parents touring preschools. They’re seniors who attend the facility’s adult day care program, held within the same building.
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Pregnant Women on Opioids Shouldn’t Go ‘Cold Turkey’ to Protect Their Baby

A new study finds medically assisted detox is better for moms and babies. At the age of 14, Brittany Scheihing started to get migraines. Doctors told her they’d eventually go away as she got older. Only they didn’t. In fact, as Scheihing aged, her migraines became only worse, with bouts of vomiting, impaired vision, and other debilitating effects.
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Snack Foods That Cater to Keto and Other Popular Diets

At a San Francisco food show, vendors showed off their latest snack products from chocolate made with coconut sugar to teas brewed with collagen. The food trends currently holding court in society’s collective quest to be healthy represent a wide array of eating regimens. From high-protein foods to plant-based meals, today’s consumers who want to lose weight aren’t necessarily beholden to just one specific diet and lifestyle.
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What Should Doctors Say to Teenage Girls About Pregnancy?

Experts say asking teen girls if they plan to get pregnant is a good way to get a conversation going about issues such as birth control. Your child’s doctor probably asks a lot of questions during a routine checkup. Does your child eat a heathy diet, do they sleep enough hours, what kind of physical activity do they get?
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Why Gun Violence is a Public Health Issue

As the fastest growing consumer health information site — with 65 million monthly visitors — Healthline’s mission is to be your most trusted ally in your pursuit of health and well-being. You can depend on us to provide expert content along with genuine caring. Both of which will support, guide, and inspire you toward the best possible health outcomes for you and your family.
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Self-Induced Abortions May Be on the Rise Due to Restrictive Laws

A New York Times column on Internet searches for abortion-related terms sparks debate over how women deal with a lack of access to services. Supreme Court is expected to hand down a decision in May for a Texas law (HB2) that restricts the number of abortion clinics operating within the state. Among other things, HB2 requires that abortion clinics meet ambulatory standards for surgical centers in order for these facilities to stay open.
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Genes in Gut Bacteria Could Be Key to Inherited Diseases

That includes everything from the color of our hair to the size of our feet to what types of diseases we are likely to develop. With that knowledge doctors are likely to prescribe preventive measures or medication to ward off the chance of developing conditions such as high blood pressure or arteriosclerosis.
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Surviving Guillain-Barré Syndrome

Two women tell Healthline about the devastating effects of a disease now connected to the Zika virus. Kim Earnshaw was 18 years old when she woke one morning and noticed she couldn’t feel the tips of her middle fingers. The day after, she told her parents about the lack of sensation in her hands and feet and saw a doctor.
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Living with an Artificial Pancreas Machine

For years, Rian Draeger would go to sleep at night and wonder if he’d slumber throughout the evening with no interruptions. As an adult living with type 1 diabetes, Draeger has to constantly monitor the amount of glucose in his blood. During the day, a glucose sensor and insulin pump help keep Draeger stable.
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Foster Andersen provides outdoor adventures to those with disabilities (like him)

Just two months before his senior year in high school, Foster Andersen was riding a motorcycle in his hometown of Henrietta, N.Y., when he crashed. The accident left him in a coma. Andersen came to, he was quadriplegic. He remained in a hospital for seven months; part of that time he didn’t know his own name.
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The girls in the room: women plot a Silicon Valley revolution

Silicon Valley is perhaps the world’s leading crucible of innovation. But it is a man’s world – with women making up only 25 percent of the tech workforce. Meet the people working to change that. In Silicon Valley-speak, the entire point of the Bay Area’s unique ecosystem of technology companies and capital is to “disrupt” – to use technology to fundamentally change the way society functions.
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Carolyn Abate

• An experienced editor with an extensive background in health, wellness, nutrition, fitness and mental health content. Highly skilled in managing projects under tight deadlines. A keen eye for evidence-based research. A big believer in leveraging data and SEO to inform editorial strategy and content. Comfortable editing for different content styles, tone and voice.

● EDITORIAL EXPERTISE – 8+ years working on staff in a variety of editorial roles in online and print publications. Extensive history collaborating with freelance writers and cross- functionally with other teams. Deep understanding of editorial life cycles. Skilled at editing in a fast-paced, deadline driven environment. Comfortable at developing and working with in-house style guidelines. Firm understanding of AP style.

● SEO and DATA ANALYSIS – 5+ years working with data analytics, market research, and SEO concepts and best practices to create consumer content. Exceptionally skilled at bridging consumer trend data and customer research to create health and wellness content that informs and educates.

● PROJECT MANAGEMENT – 8+ years working with cross functional teams including SEO and data analysts, designers, freelance writers, copy editors and medical reviewers. Skilled at maintaining deadlines and budgets. Experienced at setting quality metrics and traffic goals. Practiced at adjusting workload in order to meet deadlines. Proficient at using content management systems. Empathetic collaborator and excellent communicator

● EVIDENCE-BASED CONTENT – 12 + years of researching, writing, and editing science- driven content including chronic conditions, mental health, nutrition, fitness, health products and equity. A knack for distilling complex scientific studies into consumer-friendly content. More than 500 contacts within the health and wellness community, including leading scientists, medical experts, therapists, and freelance writers.

* More than 500 contacts within the health and wellness industry, including experts at the country’s leading medical institutions and organizations.



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